Tas Otel

Taş Otel, opened in 2001, the first “hotel de charme" in Alaçatı is a tastefully renovated, 120 year old Greek mansion.
The owner of Taş Otel, Ms. Zeynep Öziş, is among the founders of the Alaçatı Preservation Society and thanks to the efforts of this society, Alaçatı is one of the most beautiful towns in Turkey.

Alacati Tas Otel is a small boutique hotel and an ideal holiday hideaway; a rusticGreak mansion has been carefully restored and is the epitome of relaxation. The boiutique otel is approx. 1 hour away from Izmir Airport.  

Large Room 6
The largest room of Tas Otel

Large Room 8

The room in the garden.

Blue Queen Room 5
Blue room with queen size bed

Blue Queen Room 3
Blue room with queen size bed

Blue Queen Room 1
Our smallest but cutest room!

Blue Twin Room 2
Room with a small balcony.

Blue Twin Room 7
A sunny room with many windows.

Large Villa
A stone mansion next to the hotel with private garden and pool.

Small Villa
A stone cottage next to the hotel with private garden and pool.

The open kitchen of Taş Otel is like the big kitchen in our grandmothers’ houses. The original blue and white faiences of the fireplace are immaculately kept. Our kitchen is always busy: Figs being peeled for making fig jam, olives picked from the garden put in oil and lemon juice, cakes baked for the afternoon tea, sugar and mint crushed in the mortar for making lemonade, villagers bringing fresh eggs for omelettes…

The breakfast table is the specialty of our hotel: Besides at least 5 different jams that we make ourselves fresh squeezed orange juice, Turkish tea, filter coffee, assortment of breads, “simit” the Turkish sesame bagels, eggs, butter, green and black olives coming from our own garden, “kaşar”, “tulum” and feta cheeses, fresh cheese, a special cheese paste with walnuts and spices, tomatoes, fresh green peppers, cucumbers, pine and oregano honey, fresh fruit … and other daily surprises…