Gullu Konaklari (Sirince)

Warm Turkish hospitality. An old style hotel close to the famous Pamukkale cotton mountains with an indoor thermal spa.

Gullu Konaklari, meaning the Rose Residence, is situated in the town of Sirince with its cobblestone streets and stone cottages approx. 8km from Selcuk Village. Izmir Airport is approx. 70km from the hotel.

The suite in on the upper floor of the Gülistan building is for guests who would like to enjoy the scenery from their own quarters. The suite is 32 square meters and has a living room with a fireplace, a sleeping room, a bathroom and a balcony. There is a pull out sofa in the living room for some other family members if need be.

Located on the upper floor of the Gülistan building, this room is 35 square meters, offering views of the rolling hills of Şirince, has a fireplace, a balcony and a large bathroom.
 • AC

 • Ceiling fan
 • Safe deposit box
 • Wood burning fireplace
 • Balcony
 • Shower 
• Wireless internet connection 

Located in the historical 'Mansion' building with stunning views of the gardens and the village, each of these four rooms are 25 square meters with hardwood floors and ceilings. They all have large bathrooms with clawfoot, cast iron bathtubs and colorful mosaics as floor coverings. Each has a queen size bed, which can be turned in to twin beds, if preferred. 

The close vicinity of these rooms to the restaurant and the hotel reception, along with their private patios make these rooms a preferred choice of the hotel guests. Both of these rooms are 24 square meters, with views of the lower deck and the garden with the marble fountain, can accommodate two to three guests.

Gullu Konak offers a menu of dishes representing traditional and local Turkish cuisine. From the nature to your table; fresh and delicious with a local twist, is what it strives to achieve.

The olive oil and olives, vegetables, fruits, the vineyard, goats, cows and the prosperous earth that gives life to all, are only a few minutes away in the farm and most of what is served on Güllü Konak restaurant are products of its own.

Breakfast, which is almost as famous as Ephesus itself in the area, consist of delicious Aegean pine honey, homemade cream, butter & cheese, eggs from free range chickens, olives from the trees, dried & fresh seasonal fruit, yogurt and tasty seasonal surprises along with a wide variety of homemade jams; fig, strawberry, quince, cherry, apple, apricot, peach, plum, rose, orange, blackberry and kiwi to name a few. The best news is, you may take your breakfast at the hotel anytime throughout the day, and anywhere you please!

The indispensable tastes on the menu with their different interpretations according to seasons are; lamb, free-range chicken and tandoori based dishes, vegetables prepared with olive oil that are a big part of the Turkish kitchen, traditional pasta dishes and regionally grown greens as well as garden grown herbs. The doors to the kitchen are always open to guests. Cooking along side or observing the chef while at work, is quite possible.