Boutique Deluxe

Nord Pinus Tanger

The Hotel Nord Pinus Tanger, an awesome guesthouse and riad, sits on the highest point of the Kasbah, the historic center of the clty.
Spanning the Rue Riad Sultan, the hotel rests on an antique Portuguese foundation built over the ancient Roman town of Tingis.

The extraordinary location provides a breathtaking view of Tarifa, the Spanish coast, the waters of the Atlantic Ocean and the Mediterranean sea.

Located in the historical district of Tangier, this charming Riad and Guesthouse sits on the highest point of the Kasbah offering breathtaking views of the Spanish Coast and Atlantic Ocean. The hotel is approx. 30 minutes from Tangier Airport.

The hotel offers accomodations of four suites, one double room and a Kasbah house with enigmatic and inspiring names: Smells of leather, cedar and sea, antique fabrics, beds of bronze, marble floors and ancient handmade tiles await you with refined detail, enveloping you in sumptuous comfort.

The Tangiers fish market is a unique place, offering various types of fish, shell-fish and sea-fruit from the Mediterranean and Atlantic Ocean in abundance.

Women from the Rif Mountains, in their colorful touzaras, come to town to provide their flavorable vegetables.

The combination of these local products contribute to an unforgettable cuisine: tagines on a wood fire, grilled fish and vegetables, candied lemons, moroccan soups …